Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 8 – 1 4, 2021

Time is money, Libra, and you know how important both are! This Wednesday, March 10, you can get a handle on any systems or routines that have been impeding forward progress. The illuminating Sun swings into its annual one-day summit with illusory Neptune, which has been causing confusion in your sixth house of organization and self-care. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and el Sol IS the ruler of your determination. It also lends creativity to your approach, suggesting that doing things the same old way may not work now. So rather than “force” yourself into an industrious groove, which will likely only backfire under this hazy mashup, seize this opportunity to evaluate your time management.

The sixth house governs your work but also helpful people, including hired service providers, so you may finally have to bite the proverbial bullet and hire an assistant and outsource tasks that are ultimately a huge waste of your time. (Or, radical idea, stop doing them altogether.) Are you still trying to multitask, Libra? Research shows that’s actually NOT the way to be more productive. In reality, it can take up to 25 minutes to get back on track when you interrupt one task to do another. Since Neptune rules the subconscious mind, use that to your advantage by hitting pause throughout the day to do a focused mini-meditation before you move on to another line item. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then visualize yourself going through the process with ease and flow.

The sixth house also governs health, making this a perfect week for a gentle detox. And remember, it’s not just what you DO but what you DON’T do that will help you hit the reset button. Rest and recovery time are as essential to your wellness as that kickboxing class. Knowing you, you’ve got a shelf full of bath potions, so pick a night (Wednesday?), draw a hot tub, cue up a chill playlist, light a candle, and let yourself melt into the bubbles. Ah, better already!

All that gets ratcheted up to an even higher level on Saturday as 2021’s only Pisces new moon shifts you into organizing and self-nurturing overdrive. If you’ve somehow managed to overlook the clutter and chaos, you won’t be able to any longer. And when you open the fridge and pantry and encounter indisputably unhealthy food products, your inner nutritionist will be instantly summoned forth. This lunar lift might be what finally gets you back into daily workouts or inspires you to give up (your choice here) sugar, gluten or alcohol. But since it’s the gentle Fish at the helm, you’ll be happier dancing, doing aqua aerobics or a flowy, mat-based movement—especially since this new moon arrives at a close degree to healing Neptune and your ruler, pleasure-centric Venus.

Take this opportunity to deal with those nagging aches and pains. Ask friends for recommendations for a good naturopath or acupuncturist who’ll treat you like the whole person you are—not just a list of symptoms. This new moon could bring an exciting work opportunity that unfolds magically over the next six months. Best of all, you’ll get to apply your imagination and creativity to the mission!

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