Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 8 – 1 4, 2021

Go big—or keep playing a waiting game? Truth be told, you might not be in love with either option, Crab. And yet, this week’s stars may force your hand one way or another. On Wednesday, March 10, the Sun and Neptune connect for their annual meeting, which is a strange combo of planetary energies! With its bright, confidence-inducing beams, the Sun illuminates and inspires action, whereas Neptune is like a fog machine, refracting el Sol’s light and causing confusing distortion. This year (and until 2026) the Sun-Neptune summit takes place in Pisces and your ninth house of global connections, optimism and big-picture planning. And while that sounds like exactly the areas of life that the pandemic has put the kibosh on, it doesn’t have to be. You may not have been able to discern the forest for the trees lately, but this is a great week to get back on whatever course you set for yourself last year.

Make the most of this opportunity by throwing yourself into some deep soul-searching and re-evaluation. Take a break from fixating on long-term plans and, instead, read some of your favorite authors and listen to thought-provoking podcasts. But don’t elevate anyone to guru status—a Neptunian no-no. Heed the advice of the savvy Sun: The best answers come from inside YOU. Absorb all the inspiration you need but then run a gut check. If something doesn’t click with your highest values, don’t feel compelled to accept it. This tuned-in alignment might motivate you to stop giving away your power and lead with—and follow—your heart, which is always good advice for a Cancer. Unsure what your truth is? Research and investigate, and when you find support for your emotions, you’ll know just what to do.

The year’s only Pisces new moon on Saturday activates your worldly ninth house and, with it, your wanderlust and urge to expand your horizons in any way possible. Since this one lands at a close degree to romanticizers Venus and Neptune, you may feel “unrestricted” enough to at least start visualizing the possibility of a road trip to a sparkling clean vacation rental managed by a Superhost. Whether you expand through travel, study or an entrepreneurial lead, put the pedal to the metal in SOME fashion! Why NOT get certified online as a holistic nutritionist or take a course in diversity, equity and inclusion?

Whatever your heart is being pulled toward, you’ll gain the most traction by taking a concrete step within two weeks of this new moon, even if the actual program doesn’t start until summer. This is a great cycle for growth, so cast a wider net in everything you do, from your professional interactions to making friends in distant locales. By the corresponding Pisces full moon on September 20, it will be obvious that the world really is your oyster—if we can say that to a Crab!

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