Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 8 – 1 4, 2021

Talk about a Catch-22! This Wednesday, March 10, the illuminating Sun’s beams get refracted by fog-machine Neptune as the two pair-bond at the same degree of Pisces in your nurturing fourth house. You might be privy to insights about family dynamics that, while ultimately important to know, can be difficult to accept. Though you’re a giver by nature, you also relish your independence, and not everyone strives to keep the same balance. You love to swoop in for the save, Sagittarius, but you don’t appreciate it when people come to depend on it. Which begs the question, what role are you playing in this situation? This week, you’ll have repeated opportunities to reflect on your actions and, even more important, your motivations. Start with: WHY are you so eager to play savior for everyone from family members to virtual strangers? And even on those occasions where it’s appropriate, might your behavior be putting a strain on relationships with people who are managing their own affairs successfully, thank you very much?

Here’s a chance to jump off the obligation merry-go-round and practice setting healthy limits. Just reflecting on the difference between “empowering” and “enabling” could bring on an epiphany! Everyone will benefit—and grow!—from appropriate and enforced boundaries. While you’re in self-inquiry mode, here’s another thing to ponder: How do you nourish yourself? The Sun-Neptune merger sounds the call for better eating habits and sacred rituals, like a morning journaling practice. Does your living space support relaxation and foster creative bursts? Organizing your closet or setting up a meditation corner could also turn into a fun weeklong project. Set up timers to take regular breaks throughout your workday. Getting up to stretch or walk around the block can get you energized for those cardio workouts you keep denying yourself.

Saturday’s mantra might be a familiar theme: “There’s no place like home!” You can thank the year’s only Pisces new moon, which lands in your domestic fourth house and fires it up even more! New moons bring the opportunity for fresh starts, so anything you’ve been mulling or merely fantasizing about for the Archer Palace might finally come to life. The next two weeks are peak manifesting time for this moon, but really, you’ve got until the corresponding Pisces full moon on September 20 to realize the dream. But that’s not an invitation to procrastinate on anything you’re ready to pull the metaphorical trigger on. Prioritize whatever feels most urgent—from painting walls to reconfiguring furniture to moving. And since this new moon arrives at a close degree to decorista Venus and dreamweaver Neptune, you’ll love creating a fresh atmosphere. Some Sagittarians will find a home away from home, like an inexpensive crash pad in a boho beach town or a pied-a-terre in the city you always visit. Dream, believe, conceive!

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