Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 8 – 1 4, 2021

Love is in the air—as is creativity—so style yourself accordingly to greet your muse…and maybe Cupid. On Wednesday, March 10, the spicy Sun and soulful Neptune mash up for their annual meeting. This year (from 2012 until 2026, actually), they’ll join forces in Pisces and your fifth house of fame and romance. Though these planets govern very different domains—Neptune rules the subconscious while the Sun brings clarity—their one-day-a-year pairing can spark some major “white light moments.” But before you park in lotus position awaiting those golden epiphanies, do a quick inventory of any limiting beliefs or behavior patterns that could stand an upgrade. Where have you been playing small, Scorpio, or giving in to restricting fears? They may not be obvious, but if something is holding you back from speaking your truth or stepping into a public or leadership position, it behooves you to deal with it—and to deal with it now!

Bravado and swagger only get you so far. What you want to spend time developing is true confidence. Stop trying to be anything you’re not and put more energy into doing what you love and are good at. People will respond favorably, and the positive feedback will keep your momentum going. Talk about a win-win! This Sun-Neptune merger could also reveal a bit of romance addiction. Do you keep dating the same person, just in different form, over and over again? Soul-searching could unearth something else that’s surprising: You don’t need other people to “complete” you. Anything that you rely on others to supply is likely the very thing you need to nurture within yourself.

On Saturday, those romantic and imaginative vibes go from lightly heated to scorching as 2021’s only new moon in Pisces cranks the heat in your fifth house even higher. And since it arrives at a close degree to vixen Venus and fantasy agent Neptune, you’ll be feeling your Scorpionic powers of attraction big time! while that sounds like tons of fun (and can totally be!), bear in mind that these moonbeams can also activate and intensify feelings that have been simmering beneath the surface. A percolating attraction might finally boil over into a real-deal romance. Or you may be pleasantly surprised to discover who’s been quietly checking YOU out! Sideline any snark and proceed with an open mind.

Have you been avoiding the dating game altogether? This new moon can entice you back into the pool. And since the fifth house is also your fertility sector, Scorps with bambinos on the brain might receive exciting pregnancy news within a month of the new moon. Got other goals? Make art for art’s sake! Your efforts could capture the attention of an agent, rep or director. But pace yourself. You’ve got until the corresponding full moon on September 20 to reap the rewards of the seeds you’re sowing now.

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