Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 8 – 1 4, 2021

Get ready to suspend all disbelief—but also all knowledge and prejudice. On Wednesday, March 10, the Sun and Neptune meet up for their annual conference. From 2012 to 2026, these once-a-year events are taking place in Pisces and your third house of communication, platonic partnerships and friendship. While it’s true that the Sun’s illuminating beams could get refracted and distorted in Neptune’s fog, sometimes a little wandering in the dark is exactly what’s needed to gain the clarity you seek. Take a cue from this starry sync-up to hit pause and look at what’s right in front of you (even if you have to squint).

Consider the people in your third house: friends, neighbors and siblings. Take time to evaluate your inner circle. Are you getting the support you need from your crew, or should you be asking more of them? It’s possible that you’ve been leaning a little TOO heavily on one person, which can deplete their goodwill. If it just dawns on you that someone hasn’t been returning your calls and messages—or has been acting a little aloof lately—that could be a sign that they’re not happy about the dynamics in your relationship. (Or they might be suffering in some way themselves; either way, this is an opportunity to reach out with compassion, and having an apology at the ready, should it be called for.)

Take a reality check about the people you admire, while you’re at it. Just because someone is professionally successful and makes all the right style choices doesn’t mean they actually have your back when it’s needed. This Sun-Neptune confab can inspire you to “curate” your friend list, which will shift the balance toward quality over quantity and offers the fringe benefit of helping you create more whitespace in your calendar for the connections that actually feed your soul. Stay on guard for drama queens and negative Nellies who can’t help but pull you into uncomfortable, low-vibe conversations. Note that Neptune in the mix can make it hard to put a finger on someone’s agenda—and the loyal Sun can make you a little too quick to forgive. Give yourself ample time and space to get centered and reconnect to your true values. Meditate, listen to music, make art. When you’re relaxed, you’re more receptive to the gut-level guidance of your own intuition.

On Saturday, the year’s only Pisces new moon adds even more sizzle to your third house, expanding your world exponentially. With forgiving Neptune and peacemaking Venus at a close degree to la luna, repairing rifts will be on your mind. Be the one to extend the olive branch—but make sure you mean it! Under this partnership-powered new moon, you can get any wobbly relationship back on track—or elevate it to a higher level!

Looking for a creative kindred spirit? Reach out to your social network to see who might be interested in joining forces on a short-term project that showcases your mutual strengths. No need to rush into anything. Give yourself until the corresponding Pisces full moon on September 20 to see major results materialize. Your own writing, media or podcasting missions will also get a boost from this lunar lift. That blank page or dead air won’t stay that way for long. Turns out you have more to say than you gave yourself credit for.

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