Here’s How to Shop Dove’s Collab with Brother Vellies

2021’s smoothest, shiniest collaboration is coming to you straight from the drugstore beauty aisle. Dove’s Hair Therapy collection is teaming up with Brother Vellies and Fifteen Percent Pledge founder Aurora James for a limited-edition three-piece accessory collection.

“Dove was one of the first brands I saw use women with different body shapes in their campaigns and it was really empowering,” James shared over Zoom. “The brand told us how we are in the world right now is enough. That’s something I also communicate through my Brother Vellies campaigns, and something I wanted to share with this collection. This isn’t about a self care routine check list, it’s about little moments you can insert into your daily routine that also happen to be self care.”

Each accessory—a copper scarf, a cream pillow case, and an oversized scrunchie in the brand’s signature mint—is made of 100 percent silk and will be sold with a corresponding Hair Therapy collection exclusively at Brother Vellies Brooklyn shop and on their website. (The scrunchie goes with Breakage Remedy, head scarf with Hydration Spa, and pillowcase with Dry Scalp Care.)

“I really dissected each element of the Hair Therapy collection with Dove to create products that would be functional and practical, but also beautiful.”

Lucky for you, this drop won’t involve waiting in 100-person hypebeast lines a la Supreme—the entire collection will be available to shop at on March 15th. James’s hot tip on how to get your hands on one (or all three) of the pieces? Sign up here so you’ll know the moment it drops.

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