OMG—Prada Beauty’s Lipsticks and Eye Shadows Are Already Here

Right now, there’s one phrase on the fashion crowd’s lips—”Prada Beauty.” No beauty launch has caused this much commotion in the fashion space in recent memory. It makes sense, as no one knows quite how to marry classic and modern together quite like Miuccia Prada, the queen of understated elegance and eccentric style. 

Now, Prada is taking that same sensibility into the beauty space. Prada Beauty just debuted its Rethinking Beauty campaign. The collection aims to feel both highly personal and accessible with skincare and makeup that tap into the best of both minimalism and maximalism. There’s Prada Skin and Prada Color, and each perfectly encapsulates the heart of the iconic brand. 

While Prada Beauty formally launches in the United States in January 2024, it looks like we’ve lucked out—some of the products are already available on the site. If you want to be the first to try the new lipsticks and eye palettes, you can. The eye shadow palettes draw from Prada’s archival prints, while the lipsticks are inspired by the iconic Saffiano leather, which reinvents the idea of what matte lipstick looks like as we know it. 

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