My Aunt Is 54 and Works in Fashion—We Both Lost It Over These 29 Nordstrom Shoes

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: My aunt is one of my biggest style inspirations. In my 28 years as her niece, I’ve never seen her looking anything short of ultra-chic and pulled-together, so it should come as no surprise when I tell you that it’s basically her job to help people find their personal style. Practically everyone in our family goes to her for style advice (myself included), and since we both work in fashion now, I’m constantly texting her about everything from the coolest trends to know to what I’m considering buying.

Of course, she’s just as much of an avid shopper as I am, so when I’m not going to her for style inspiration, I’m picking her brain on what cool finds she’s currently eyeing. Surprise, surprise—we’re both big Nordstrom shoppers (our whole family is, really), so I already knew that my aunt’s summer shopping list was Nordstrom-heavy when I recently texted her to ask about what she loves for the season. We chatted about the summer trends we both like until the conversation turned into one big obsession over new summer shoes. If you glanced at our text messages, you’d see a series of links to the best Nordstrom shoes for the season.

Instead of keeping them to myself, I’m dishing on all the prettiest Nordstrom shoes that my aunt and I are both losing our minds over right now. Ahead are 29 perfect pairs.

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