Leo Daily Horoscope

March 7, 2021

Grab your journal, Leo, because the floodgates are open! If you don’t wake up brimming with inspiration as the moon stirs in your creative fifth house, it won’t take long to get yourself there. Make the most of the morning’s fifth house creative moon by allocating time towards artistic endeavors or ideas you can later brainstorm. By the afternoon the moon shifts into your sector of pragmatism and productivity. This is the ideal time to enlist the help of great minds to ground your vision. Take your time mapping out a realistic plan of attack and doing some thorough research. You want to be able to create a stable platform for your vision to flourish without spending a fortune. On Sunday, don’t wait for the green light, Leo. Thanks to a fortuitous link between the moon in practical Capricorn and pioneering Uranus in your work sector, you’ll have inspiration and perspiration. Heightened intuition will enable strokes of genius to flow. You’re also more likely to find solutions to problems that had eluded you in the past. At last!

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