Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

March 7, 2021

Prepare for a lightning bolt of inspiration this Saturday as the fertile Sagittarius moon stirs your trailblazing first house. Harness your imagination and set aside time in the morning to focus on honing your creative ideas. The moon shifts into Capricorn midday, drawing out your practical side. While this might be a buzzkill for the muse, use this momentum to formulate a game plan. If this is a new endeavor, start with bite-sized goals instead of a giant plan of attack. This will keep you motivated while also allowing you to tweak your efforts along the way. The moon hooks up with disruptive Uranus on Sunday, pressing you to make an important financial decision. If your spending is outpacing your earning, use the Capricorn moon’s practical magic coupled with the ingenuity of Uranus in you sixth house to pull you out of the red and into the pink. A few sacrifices and a dose of elbow grease may do the trick!

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