Scorpio Daily Horoscope

March 7, 2021

There may be a pressing issue on the Saturday morning brunch table, but don’t rush into making a decision that you could later regret. Take all the pros and cons into account and do some investigating. With some gentle digging, as crucial piece of information may spring to light. As usual, Scorpio, finding the answer boils down to a mixture of objectivity and your killer instincts. By the afternoon the moon moves into your whimsical third house, luring you out of your head. Take a fresh-air break with a BFF or binge a new series—ideally one that makes you laugh. Join forces for the win on Sunday, when the moon teams up with quirky Uranus in your partnership zone. A collaboration could not only prove to be lucrative, it may also lead to love! Temper your intensity and let things evolve at a natural pace. Take your time getting to know people while also revealing bits about your own life. It’ll be like slowly unwrapping a present!

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