Libra Daily Horoscope

March 7, 2021

Can we tawk, Libra? If you need to get something important off your chest, do so first thing Saturday while the Sagittarius moon glows in your communication sector. Since this lunar spell gives you a slightly impulsive edge, pore over your words carefully before hitting “send” or launching into a discussion. Mid-day, la luna nestles into Capricorn and your introverted fourth house, creating cozy vibes for the rest of the weekend. Putter around Chateau Chevre, working on personal projects and bouncing around your thoughts with relatives and roommates. PS: If these discussions go on for hours, you can show your gratitude for their pearls of wisdom with a lovingly prepared dinner. On Sunday, the earthy Capricorn moon in your home sector makes beautiful music with inventive Uranus in your ethereal eighth house. How can you maximize your space for greater relaxation? For example, cluttered nooks and crannies could be transformed into tiny sanctuaries for reading, yoga or meditation Does an old friend keep popping into your mind? Get in touch. With your channels so open today, you’ll connect with a newly discovered depth.

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