I Found the Most Perfect Straight-Leg Jeans, and They’re Only $27

I know most of you are here in disbelief from reading that I actually found an all-around great pair of jeans for only $27. Maybe you even clicked just to see if I made a typo. First of all, I don’t blame your doubt because denim at this price is almost entirely unheard of. Second of all, I am so delighted to say no mistakes have been made and no lies have been told.

The denim in question is a straight-leg style discovered at Walmart (and immediately shared with me) by Tyla Lauren. (My bank account thanks her.) She’s already put these Free Assembly jeans to the test and confirms the fit and quality are impressive, which isn’t really all that surprising knowing they’re from this new editor-approved brand of everyday essentials. See the effortless spring outfits Lauren created with the affordable jeans, and then shop them for yourself.

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