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Happy New Year, Capricorn season and…Mercury retrograde? You’re getting the whole cosmic caboodle as 2023 begins. On the upside: The Sun is heating up your sign until January 20, putting your personal goals and projects front and center. The downside? Communication planet Mercury is retrograde until January 18, throwing a few obstacles and delays in your path. A slow and steady rollout will be necessary. Luckily, that’s your preferred way to travel, so lean in to those methodical parts of your nature. 

Work on things behind the scenes while also finishing any lingering 2022 projects. By the time Aquarius season arrives on January 20, you’ll be ready to put your birthday visions into tangible form.

Meantime, your personal life could be a hub of activity as expansive Jupiter spends the first five months of the year in Aries, bringing growth to home and family matters. Between now and May 16, you could explore a move, start a home-based business or expand your brood. Are your quarters due for a decor makeover or renovation? Bring on the paint samples, fabric swatches and fixtures! Throw the lights on a dimmer and frame some new art. Jupiter’s presence could unleash your inner interior designer. 

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On January 12, motivator Mars wakes up from a ten-week retrograde in Gemini and your eighth house of intimate ties and joint ventures. Since October 30, you may have been dealing with an overwhelming emotional or financial situation that couldn’t be pushed aside any longer. A relationship might have hit a rough patch, or maybe you just felt like going underground and being private. 

Mars will be in Gemini until March 25, but in direct (forward) motion, which could bring a windfall of wealth-creating opportunities, investments and strategic alliances. Who might open a door or connect you to someone that could help make your vision a reality? Strike while this iron is white-hot, Capricorn. Confident and courageous Mars gives you the guts to make your big ask.

A great day to do that is January 21, when the annual Aquarius new moon beams into your second house of work, money and security. That evening also ushers in the 2023 Lunar New Year as we bid farewell to the fierce-but-unpredictable Water Tiger and welcome the gentler Water Rabbit for the next 12 months.

Don’t worry, Capricorn: Your wild side will still have a playground. Your love life gets a power surge on January 22, when disruptive Uranus ends a five-month retrograde backspin through Taurus and your fifth house of romance. Once Uranus corrects course, there are zero retrograde planets in the skies for a couple of months. The coast is clear for you to start your new year now. Better late than never!

It’s Capricorn season until January 20 (but Mercury’s retrograde here until January 18)

Let’s get it started in here! The Sun is in Capricorn until January 20, heating up your first house of new beginnings and personal identity. Although this solar power is pclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” rompting you to begin 2023 in high gear, Mercury retrograde in your sign will ride the brake pedal, curbing your speed. Spend time thinking about your passion projects and most cherished goals, then come up with a roadmap for the year. But take a couple weeks before you act on any of these plans. Silver lining: New information and ideas could surface during this brief pause, and you might just be glad you waited.

Lay low on social media now too. During the retrograde, your words could come out wrong and people may totally misunderstand where you’re coming from. Avoid being too brash or aggressive—what you think of as “proactive” someone else might find pushy (and then back off when you don’t really want them to). With all forms of communication—and especially anything in writing—check and double-check that you’re really saying what you mean. If you can, put off signing contracts or making permanent commitments until later this month. Mercury retrograde clouds our understanding of legal terms and verbal agreements. You’re probably not getting the whole picture. Ask as many questions as you need. 

On January 18, not only does Mercury turn direct (forward), but the charismatic Sun makes its once-a-year conjunction to transformational Pluto in Capricorn. This alchemical combo could rocket you onto a more public stage—and you’ll want to look the part! You might radically revamp your appearance or overhaul your branding if you own a business. A huge confidence surge can help you move into a position of influence or gain public recognition.

Partnership power at the January 6 Cancer full moon

Two heads are better than one as the year begins. The first full moon of 2023 lands in Cancer and your relationships house on January 6, which could bring a major turning point to a business or romantic alliance over the next two weeks. With the spotlight on your closest ties, you’ll get clarity about the ones you want to nurture this year. Take inventory of where the give-and-take might be out of balance in some of your key connections. Even the best partnerships need care and feeding. Set some adventurous and inspiring shared goals for the year to put the wind back in BOTH your sails.

Not sure if you should move forward to the next phase together? Don’t wave away that feeling, Cap. This full moon will be in tight opposition to Mercury retrograde, a cosmic cue to conduct in-depth due diligence before you proceed.

The first full moon of every year is always in either Cancer or Leo, and we believe it sets the tone for the whole 12-month calendar cycle. With this year’s lunar light in the sign of the caring Crab, expect your partnerships to be a prevailing theme. Are you feeling nourished and nurtured by the people you’re investing in, Capricorn? A regular inventory of your inner circle, and dedicated efforts to spend quality time with them, can keep your alliances on track this year.

Get to work: The Sun enters Aquarius January 20

Although Mercury’s no longer retrograde, slow and steady is still the formula for winning the race starting January 20, when the Sun enters Aquarius, your stabilizing second house of work, money and values. For the next four weeks, you’re eager to take some of your recent high-flying inspirations and make them a tangible reality.

You may adopt a stricter budget to achieve your goals or just look for ways to spend (and save) with more savvy. Strengthen ties with your coworkers—you’re only as good as your team, Capricorn. Plus, when everyone gets along, this helps you meet deadlines. You may also ruminate on your own worth—are there areas in your life where you could have more confidence and self-esteem? Maybe you want to tap a lesser-used skill to make money. Simplify and prioritize: It’s better to have some white space on your calendar than to fill it up with activities that distract you from discovering what REALLY lights you up.

Spoiler: From March 23 until June 11, transformational Pluto will make a brief exit from Capricorn, where it’s been slowly but intensely shifting your identity, making you deeply ponder how you want to exercise your power in the greater world. You may have worked through some old traumas or shed some layers of identity that came from trying to meet everyone else’s expectations. You’ll have a chance to show the world a taste of Capricorn 2.0 this spring—so consider that your incentive to really get clear on your values this month.

Enter the Water Rabbit! Aquarius new moon and Lunar New Year’s Eve on January 21

New moneymaking opportunities could already arrive the next day, when the January 21 Aquarius new moon catalyzes your second house of prosperity, security and daily routines. This productive and practical new moon spurs you to action. What steps could you take to make your 2023 resolutionsclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” into reality?

Hop to it, Capricorn, because this evening also kicks off the Year of the Water Rabbit. The unpredictable and cunning Water Tiger has ruled the skies since February 1, 2022, keeping us all on our toes. Now, a gentler and more creative lunar year comes in, which will make it easier to implement plans without having to pivot constantly. You learned a lot by adapting to changes in 2022. And since Capricorns aren’t exactly the most flexible sign, you can be proud of how much you’ve grown. Now it’s time to make like a bunny and multiply! Where would you like to be by the August 1 Aquarius full moon? Set your sights there and get busy.

Love, actually? Uranus retrograde ends on January 22

On January 22, radical Uranus ends a five-month retrograde in Taurus, which might send your love life in an unexpected new direction. If you’ve felt bored or stalled since late August, get ready for a romantic revolution. Tech-savvy Uranus can help single Capricorns meet prospects on dating apps or by sliding into someone’s DMs with a friendly “Hey, I love your posts.” Of course, you may not have to expend that effort because Uranus’ direct (forward) move could attract plenty of admirers to you.

Caution: Rebellious Uranus in this expressive zone of your chart could bring out a little TOO much of your wild side, stirring up drama. Keep your ego and temper in check. Certain behaviors are more chaotic than cute, whether or not you realize it. Boredom is the enemy of this transit. 

Rather than squander all this energy on romantic or social drama, find a creative outlet. Invest in your gifts and passions, and innovative Uranus will gladly act as your talent agent. Put your creative stamp on a project or start working with a mentor to develop your artistic abilities. Find something you love and dedicate quality time to it. Whether you do it for personal satisfaction or professional gain doesn’t matter. This is your invitation to stop fixating on the future and get swept up in the joy of the moment.

Stretch out your decadent New Year’s Day celebrations because love planet Venus will linger in your sign just a teensy bit longer, Capricorn! On January 2, Venus departs and moves into Aquarius, anchoring into your grounding and pragmatic second house. Stability starts to seem sexy, and you might be ready to make concrete plans for a shared future. Single Sea Goats who are serious about finding a partner might approach it similar to a job search: Show up, bring your A game, and look for a situation that’s worth investing in.

With Venus in this material-minded zone, coupled Caps should plan a few luxurious dates and start shopping for a memorable Valentine’s Day gift (but note: Venus is only here until January 26). Solo Caps will fare better mingling in classier venues now; you could also meet someone through work. Don’t be too quick to skip that industry cocktail party—in spite the freezing temps. The old “so, what do you do…?” line could quickly lead to much, much more!

With passionate Mars in Gemini and your sixth house of health and service all month, you could also meet an eligible prospect through fitness pursuits or volunteer work. Abandon those binge-watching TV night plans a little longer and get to the gym, Capricorn. On January 9, when Venus and Mars unite in a harmonious trine, a sweetly stable person could capture your heart. “Secure attachments” are wildly underrated in our quest for the dopamine rush of pursuing those players and heartbreakers. Maybe the person you’ve been looking for has been there all along, having your back and coming through for you—but you just couldn’t see it until now.

Light up the night, Capricorn! You’re on center stage as the Sun moves through Capricorn, your first house of debuts and new beginnings, until January 20. You’ll be eager to share about your cutting-edge ideas and most passionate interests, and at the January 6 Cancer full moon, your enthusiasm could attract a few potential partners.

Just don’t get TOO carried away with your PR and marketing efforts right out of the 2023 gate. Even the best ideas might need a couple extra weeks of careful planning. Clever Mercury is retrograde (backward) in your sign until January 18, which could cause some crossed signals on the communication front. If you push too hard, you might not get very far in the end, and you might even turn off a fruitful potential backer who legitimately needs a little more time to think it over. 

Save all that mojo for January 18, when Mercury turns direct (forward) AND the Sun makes a conjunction with heavy-hitting Pluto in Capricorn. On this day, you have a powerful aura about you, ready to be used advantageously! You’ll command more authority than usual, and the power you exude could draw in some influential people rather than you having to court or chase them. (Now that’s more your style, Cap!) The Law of Attraction works strongly in your favor starting today, so exercise your willpower and visualize the outcome you want. 

Your practical side gains momentum as the month progresses. On January 20, the Sun enters Aquarius, your second house of stability, helping you put a profitable plan behind your big ideas. For the next four weeks, review your budget and think of ways to create new revenue or income streams. You’ll have support with this from the January 21 Aquarius new moon. Seeds planted today could bear fruit by the August 1 Aquarius full moon, so get to work now.

Love Days: 28, 6

Money Days: 13, 21

Luck Days: 11, 20

Off Days: 3, 8, 18

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