I Live in NYC and Walk at Least 5 Miles a Day—These Sandals Make That Possible

Despite having grown up in Chicago before moving to New York, I actually really love warm weather. Summer is, without a doubt, my season. And while lounging in the sun, eating outside, and not having to layer are all viable reasons for my loving it so much, there are but two things that make summer the all-time greatest: walking everywhere and wearing sandals

Of course, walking up to 20,000 steps a day can’t be done in just any shoes. For that, you need a pair with cushioning, soft straps that won’t pinch, and heels (yes, I walk in heels) that are made with support in mind. After a fair share of trial and error, I’ve discovered a handful of brands that successfully do all three—and then some. 

Keep scrolling to shop fashion’s most comfortable sandals. Bonus: They don’t look too shabby either. 

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