I’m 5’3, and I Approve of These 14 Pairs of Flare Jeans

As someone who’s just shy of 5’3″, finding denim can be challenging. And when you throw the latest trends in the mix, it becomes even more of a process of trial and error. Today I’ll be covering the trend of flared denim, something I’ve been seeing more of as we head into the new season. While I originally thought I couldn’t pull off flared denim as a petite girl, I proved myself wrong today.

As an expert shopper, I know my way around denim brands and what works for my height. There’s a slew of brands I rely on, and I’ve taken note of inseams that work for me and ones that don’t. If you’re on the petite side and are looking to try out the flare trend for your denim, look no further. Below, I’ve rounded up the best-flared jeans on the market for shorter girls and even added a little extra with additional jeans I’m loving right now.

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