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Get your house in order, Pisces—then get outside and play! June kicks off with a focus on your domestic life. Do you have some issues to resolve with a family member, or are there projects and plans around the house that need to be addressed? With Mercury retrograde until June 22, nothing will go off without a hitch. But it’s an ideal time to tackle clutter or have important conversations you’ve been putting off. Midmonth, the second of 2021’s three Saturn-Uranus squares could force you to talk about THAT topic, ready or not. While it might be uncomfortable, honest communication can lead to deep healing. When both of your co-rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, turn retrograde later in the month, tap the brakes on overly ambitious plans. Take your time, Pisces—that’s always the best path for you. During the last week of June, your energy shifts to romantic and creative pursuits. Near month’s end, a budding collaboration could gel, or a team project could come together beautifully. Pop the victory champagne! 


The Sun is in Gemini until June 20

Home is where the heart is—and the heat is—for the first three weeks of the month. With the Sun in creative Gemini and your fourth house of all things domestic until Sunday, June 20, you’ll want to hunker down at home base and spend a good chunk of time on self-care. Unfortunately, messenger Mercury (which rules communicative Gemini) is going to be retrograde in the same zone as the Sun until Tuesday, June 22. What’s causing friction in your personal life? The most likely cause is unfinished business, whether that’s a cluttered area or a conversation you need to have with a relative or roommate. Use this time to tackle lingering issues with your living situation rather than continue to sweep it under the proverbial Persian rug. But know that it might take a few attempts before things go smoothly.


Because Mercury rules communication—including electronics—this is a good time to upgrade appliances and make sure everything is plugged into a surge protector rather than a wall outlet. Call for repairs and do some repainting, repotting or rearranging. If you’re considering a move, this is a better time for research than signing on any dotted lines. Explore your options and weigh them carefully.



Mars and Pluto get heated on June 5

Drama alert! On June 5, an incendiary face-off between hotheaded Mars and power-tripping Pluto could find you acting downright uncivilized with a friend or romantic interest. Competitive and even vengeful behavior could flare up. In fact, things could get downright ugly if you don’t play your cards right.


Someone from your social circle or a work team could stir up theatrics that you’ll be easily hooked by. And you’ll be quick to react volcanically thanks to triggering Pluto and short-tempered Mars. If you sense a power struggle brewing, take it as a cue to stop and get yourself centered. You may still need to confront someone about bullying or domineering behavior. Just try not to sink down to a low-vibe level when you do.


The June 10 Gemini solar eclipse brings a fresh start to your home

A fresh start with family matters or home arrives on June 10 at the Gemini solar (new moon) eclipse. While you’ll still have to contend with all the Mercury retrograde interference, this eclipse could bring a new, out-of-the-blue opportunity to your household. You could be struck by the urge to rearrange and redecorate, stumble on the perfect real estate listing or even hear pregnancy news. Swift action might be required: For instance, somebody suddenly makes a cash offer on your home or you see an amazing deal on the sectional sofa of your dreams. But make sure you’re not locking yourself into something that you can’t return or undo, especially since your ruler, hazy Neptune, will be in a testy square to the new moon and Mercury.


Saturn and Uranus clash again on June 14

Keep it to yourself or just blurt it out? On June 14, rigid Saturn and rebellious Uranus will crash into their second of three challenging 90-degree squares this year. While the tense tete-a-tete can provoke needed change, it can also disrupt patterns and bring stark awareness of what (and who) you want in your life. Check in, Pisces: How are you spending your time? Do you have ample time to unplug from work and get lost in your imagination?


With Uranus in your intellectual and social third house, you may be engaged in learning, collaborating or launching an experimental project. But with boundary-enforcer Saturn (retrograde, no less) in your twelfth house of retreat, you might feel overwhelmed by a project, needing more breaks or clearer parameters around your role and responsibilities. A friendship that took off like gangbusters could now go bust—or you might just find that you miss your old gang. Take inventory of your inner circle and check for leaks! The drama queens and pot-stirrers that seemed so entertaining could now be WAY more trouble than they’re worth.



It’s Cancer season (and summer solstice) starting June 20

Sunday, June 20, is a packed class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” square on the calendar! It’s the summer solstice, Father’s Day AND the start of Cancer season this year. Take this longest day of the year and dedicate it to the pursuit of pleasure! With el Sol lighting up your passionate, romantic fifth house, you’ll be in a warm and generous mood for the next four weeks. It’s a great time to bring glamour back to your world (and wardrobe). Get your hair done, add some bold hues to your look and practice those flirting skills that got rusty during the height of the pandemic. If you have kids in your life, take advantage of the playful fifth-house energy and spend time having fun with them. The fifth house can also boost fertility, so keep that in mind if it applies.



But Jupiter also goes retrograde on June 20

On Sunday, June 20, Jupiter—the planet of growth, luck and expansion—starts its annual four-month retrograde (backward) spin until October 18. This year, Jupiter will split its reverse commute between Pisces and Aquarius. Until July 28, Jupiter will back up through Pisces, after revving up your personal power zone since May 13. You’ve been coming out of your shell big-time since mid-May, and with unusual amounts of exuberance for a Pisces. While your feisty wit can be highly entertaining, it can sometimes border on hubris and arrogance. Or you might be feeling a bit shell-shocked from the sudden megadose of exposure. (Alert, alert: Mermaid on dry land!) Jupiter retrograde encourages you to dip back into the ocean a little. While you’re likely to be more visible even with Jupiter retrograde, balancing that with some privacy and anonymity will keep you feeling balanced. 


Mercury retrograde is OVER June 22

At last! The three weeks of technology, communication and plan-making mixups, courtesy of Mercuclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ry retrograde, are over. While you may still feel some “retroshade” from Mercury’s shadow period until July 7, any recent drama, especially around home and family, should finally start to clear up.


Close the deal at the June 24 Capricorn full moon

Is it time to make beautiful music together—or to break up the band? With the arrival of the Capricorn full moon on Thursday, June 24, in your eleventh house of groups and friends, a collaboration will reach a turning point. You might be invited to join an exciting endeavor with like-minded people, especially one that involves cutting-edge technology, a social cause or both. Look back to January 13 Capricorn new moon for clues about what could manifest now. If you’ve recognized a lack of cohesion and common goals, this might be your chance to jump ship amicably and grow in your own directions.


One more retrograde (Neptune) starts June 25 (total of 4 planets)

Is a little soul-searching in order? On June 25, Neptune starts its annual five-month retrograde, bringing the retrograde planet total count to four (Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all in reverse). Between now and December 1, you may need time to slip out of the spotlight for some personal development and decompressing. With tell-all Jupiter in your sign until July 28, you’ll be “on” a lot of the time—all the more reason to balance that with more private moments.


With Neptune reversing through your first house of appearances, you might see your confidence wobble a little, or, best-case scenario, you’ll be refreshingly unconcerned with what people think of you. Since Neptune can muddle messages, be careful what you put out in public, whether it’s a social media post or something you say aloud. You could be easily misconstrued now. Craving a style overhaul? Play with possible looks before committing to an extreme makeover—you can save that for when Neptune goes direct (forward) in December.




Venus gets lusty in Cancer on June 2

Let the summer lovin’ begin! On June 2, romantic Venus enters Cancer and your passionate fifth house until June 27, a once-a-year cycle when you feel your flirtiest and most magnetic. Even shy Fish could be bold when it comes to love, especially with assertive Mars also hanging out in Cancer until June 11. Mars has been here since April 23, so it’s likely you already feel pretty frisky and feisty. But when Venus joins the party, your spring fever could reach peak temperatures. The first couple weeks of June are meant for a romantic revival. Have fun!


Mars shifts into Leo on June 11, cooling your jets

Bring it down a notch? From June 11 to July 29, Mars will shift gears into Leo and your sensible sixth house of health and organization. After that hedonistic spell, you’re ready to get summer fitness plans underway and finally tackle the work you’ve ignored for the past few weeks. If you’re part of a couple, you’ll be inspired to start some kind of life improvement project together. 


Whether you’re cleaning up your home, planting a garden or changing your eating and exercise habits, be sure to pace yourself. Mars can get intense really quickly—and while he’s in this control-driven zone of your chart, your inner micromanager could ratchet up stress levels. If you’re working out for the first time in a while, stretch well before and after and don’t overdo it because hasty Mars here can make you prone to injuries.


Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 27

Down-to-earth loving gets a boost when romantic Venus joins Mars in Leo from June 27 until July 11. You’re in the mood for grounded and healthy connections where you can talk about everything openly. With both love planets in this analytical sphere, it’s a great time to learn new relationship skills, especially for better communication and understanding what makes the other person tick. 



With expansive Jupiter in your sign since May 13, you’ve been waking back up to new possibilities—and what a relief it is to feel this hopeful again. While you’re enjoying this sense of renewal and revival, don’t rush headlong into any giant ventures just yet. From June 20 to July 28, Jupiter will be retrograde in YOUR sign, a chance to sort through all the new opportunities and cherry-pick the ones that suit you best. Scale back a little and take your time vibing them out. A home-based business or real estate opportunity could arrive at the June 10 Gemini solar (new moon) eclipse. Feel it out, Pisces! When the Capricorn full moon beams into your collaborative eleventh house on June 24, teaming up with a cutting-edge crew could take ideas to new heights!


Love Days: 12, 16

Money Days: 23, 30

Luck Days: 21, 2

Off Days: 14, 19

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