Everyone in Fashion Agrees—This Quirky Handbag Trend Is Dominating RN

My style has certainly seen a shift in the past few years, and one major change is that I’m prioritizing practicality more than ever. I used to be one who always would immediately purchase a fun statement item but would end up disappointed when it would only get worn a handful of times. I’ve started to invest in wardrobe staples that are pared-back and skew more minimal, but I’m still getting my dose of trend in the accessory department. That brings me to my 2022 accessory of choice: beaded handbags. 

I’m not surprised beaded handbags have made a resurgence. I remember being completely enamored by the Susan Alexandra bags that were championed by pretty much every cool fashion person in 2019. Today’s reiterations of the trend by brands like Staud and Kara have me just as excited. The beaded bag offering has only increased since then, and it’s hard to choose just one. (I shamelessly own four.) Even though they’re a bit quirky, they seamlessly go with any outfit—whether it’s a basic tee and jeans or a party dress on a night out. Read ahead for my favorite beaded bags at the moment. 

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