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Your nest may feel equal parts #Blessed and #Stressed starting this Wednesday, March 3, as energizer Mars storms through the doors of Gemini and your domestic fourth house. But let’s be honest, Pisces: Sometimes it takes a very loud wakeup call to get you into action. What will it take to turn your home into a haven? And is that even possible at your current address? Questions like these will spur you into action between now and April 23.

Have you been pondering a renovation, relocation or reconfiguration of your space? With the red planet in your residential zone for seven weeks, you have an optimal window for making the kinds of changes that can be tough to initiate. For one thing, your sentimental sign gets attached to your space. Even if your square footage is not really working for your lifestyle anymore, nostalgia over a favorite window reading nook can give you amnesia about the dripping faucets and peeling paint—and, in some cases, the undesirable location! Or maybe you’re ready to cohabitate and need to create more space for your plus-one or a new arrival, like a baby or a Burmese Mountain Dog. Mars only visits curious Gemini once every other year, so take advantage of this gusty tailwind and get those changes in motion!

Temper, temper! Your patience for stupid human tricks will be paper thin during this emo Mars phase—and the people in closest proximity could get the brunt of your frustration. Arguments may break out without warning; old sibling rivalries or jealousy might rear their green-eyed heads. The trick is staying in touch with your feelings AS they arise, not after it’s too late. It’s unfair (and in some cases, borderline abusive) to blow up on the people around you—or to storm around in a passive aggressive cloud making everyone under your roof walk on eggshells. You know this, logically, Pisces, but be fair warned that you may fall prey to these behaviors while Mars hovers here. Underlying that could be a sense of guilt about needing more privacy and alone time. Just ask for it! You’ll discover that those “needy” people in your universe don’t actually NEED anything but for YOU to be happy.

If you’re processing a major transition, more mental clarity arrives on Thursday, when philosophical Jupiter makes its third in a trio of conjunctions to strategic Mercury. This mashup can help you connect the dots and get the conversations started. But first, YOU need to figure out how to put this into words. Why are you feeling this way? What might you do about it? Sounding it out with a coach, therapist or wise mentor can be helpful. Change doesn’t have to happen overnight, Pisces. Rather than shocking your system, how about devising a step-by-step plan that allows you to maneuver with serenity intact?

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