Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 8 – 1 4, 2021

Talk about odd (if not charming) bedfellows! This Wednesday, March 10, the Sun and Neptune hold their annual summit, and for the past nine years (and until 2026), this happens in Pisces. There’s an innate disconnect between these planets: The Sun brightens and illuminates whereas Neptune tends to make everything hazy and obscure. And with these heavenly bodies linked up in Pisces, the action occurs in your twelfth house of fantasy, your inner world and subconscious mind. So rather than try to do the impossible—keep things organized and running smoothly—you might as well enjoy letting yourself surrender to the fog and dreaminess. Designate Wednesday—or hey, the whole week—as a personal retreat or vision quest. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to process buried feelings and lift up the rug you’ve been sweeping them under, this could be it! If you can take a little time for yourself, schedule a get-together with an empathetic friend.

The week is also ideal for booking some healing or therapeutic sessions. You’ll be more open to probing and releasing, and this combo of Neptune (secret fears) and the Sun (illumination) can speed the process. The best way to make the “monsters” under the bed disappear is by shining a light on them! Plus, it discharges their hold on you. On a related note, if your sleep has been disturbed, you might need a new bedtime routine. Switch off all electronic devices an hour before you turn in—whether that’s your phone or TV. Wine that’s loaded with histamines and sulfites can also make you toss and turn. Instead, try herbal teas like chamomile or kava, which are natural sleep aids. Or, since Neptune rules water, soak in an Epsom salt bath before bedtime then drift off to the sounds of ocean waves or a Yoga Nidra meditation. Sweet surrender!

The hazy, dreamy vibes continue into the weekend—and get supercharged—as the year’s only Pisces new moon rocks the skies—and your inner world—on Saturday. This can give a major power surge to your imagination since it lands at a close degree to creative Venus, the expressive Sun AND otherworldly Neptune. Any soft tapping on your psyche may be your muse come a’calling, so stay tuned in and ready to react. With your inner artiste activated, you could download some truly innovative (and life-altering) inspiration. But rather than attempt to fit it into any preconceived categories, allow your mind to wander freely to capture what comes. Visions, images, phrases, musical riffs, “random” connections: This is your brain firing on all 12 cylinders! Accept that, for now anyway, your job is merely to observe and record—you can make sense of it later. It might take until the corresponding full moon in Pisces on September 20 for the rest of the world to recognize your genius, so be patient. In the meantime, is there someone you could learn from or who can nurture your talent—and maybe invest in your growth? The challenge now is to stretch beyond your comfort zone, letting yourself go with the flow instead of micromanaging every move.

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