WWW Pod Is Here! Law Roach and Sergio Hudson Get Candid for Our First Episode

Hillary Kerr: Let’s talk about your title, which is also trademarked, image architect. Why is this the best way to describe your work?

Law Roach: Well, it’s kind of twofold. When I first came to L.A. to start working, there were a lot of stylists. At that time, I think we were seeing the trend of people wanting to, you know, be a stylist. So I wanted to figure out a way to differentiate myself. The second, when I actually started working, I looked at my work in a way that an architect works, surveying and putting together blueprints, hiring out the different people that bring in the materials, and you have electricians and plumbers and conferences and all those things. So for me, I was just doing all those things with a person instead of a structure. I was hiring out makeup and hair, and the similarities were really, really interesting. So I’m like, “You know what, I’m an architect, too. But instead of being a traditional architect, I’m an image architect.” Since I started calling myself that, I always try to continuously work that way and to make sure that I’m always doing a little bit more than just picking a pretty dress for whoever hires me.

HK: Why do you think your partnership [with Zendaya] works so well?

LR: I think trust first of all, and we know our parts, right? I know what my part of our relationship is, our professional relationship anyway. I know what my job is, and she knows what her job is. So although we collaborate, those really don’t mix that much. Like I know her mood, right? I know that she wants to try on two dresses or 200 dresses. And then when she goes to do her job, she goes on the carpet as whatever narrative we’re trying to tell—whatever the story is, whoever the characters are. I don’t say, “Hey, when you get on the carpet, I need you to be stoic like Joan of Arc.” I just came up with that look and gave it to her. And now was her time to do her job. So those things don’t cross that much, and I think that’s what really works. She lets me fly. She lets me be me. She lets me create. And then whatever I create, she becomes it. And then, she shows us the world. So it’s like the perfect partnership.

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