This Trendy Bag Color Is Suddenly All Over the Internet

As someone who pays very close attention to bag trends, I’ve come across one that’s so apparent as of late that I couldn’t not tell you about it. One of the easiest ways to show that you’re in the know about bag trends is to follow the color. Each season (in recent memory, at least), there’s at least one non-neutral color that dominates among bag brands both designer and affordable. This season, that color is hot pink.

The Barbiecore aesthetic trend has officially come for our wardrobes, and that includes our accessories. A hot-pink bag is an easy way to add some personality and fun to any outfit, and I happen to think that hot pink kind of goes with every color. So how do I know hot-pink bags are the trend to buy into? I can hardly get through my Instagram feed without coming across a few, and as I scroll through the new bag arrivals on numerous shopping sites, I’m finding plenty of hot-pink ones to choose from.

Convinced? Scroll to see a few Instagram examples of the trend and shop some of my personal favorite hot-pink bags.

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