This Quirky Microtrend Borrows From A Sprite Can, And It’s So Good


Zara; Theophilio; Remain Birger Christensen; Versace

If you’re a lover of neutrals, you may want to sit this season out. Ultra pigmented hues—of all shades of the color wheel—have emerged as a huge trend this year to the point that it’s nearly impossible to escape. Even as a fashion editor of over six years who’s just about seen it all, I can’t recall a year in the industry as vibrant as 2022. Fashion has collectively entered its Lisa Frank era

And while all hues seem to be getting shine right now, (tangerine and hot pink among them), an unusual hyperspecific color combo has particularly caught my attention. I first noticed it at the SS’22 Theophilio show where palettes of green, yellow and red were reoccurring themes within the collection. Weeks later, Bottega Veneta and Versace’s vivid spring presentations convinced me yellow and green as a power duo is here to stay.

From the high street to the runways, yellow and electric green, or what I like to call Sprite dressing, is the unexpected outfit pairing taking over the scene. And although the fashion crowd is never afraid to experiment with seemingly unusual color combinations, this one is the most audacious thus far. The bright hues may evoke a little reluctance, but trust me when I say this microtrend can be a lot more approachable IRL. For proof, I’ve outlined my favorite interpretations of the growing trend as well as outfit ideas for giving Sprite styling a go for yourself. Keep scrolling to see it all.

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