The Net-a-Porter Team Knows What’s Good: 21 Summer Finds They’re Actually Buying

If you’re into fashion, chances are Net-a-Porter is sitting within your list of most-visited websites right now. What started off as an innovative merchandising concept to make designer collections more accessible, has ballooned into a global destination for the latest and greatest on the luxury front. From cutting-edge face creams and one-of-a-kind 18-karat diamond earrings to straight off the runway collaborations, Net-a-Porter has whatever your champagne taste may desire. And since its inception in 2000, the company launched a series of new initiatives like The Vanguard program to help bring the freshest and brightest new talent to the masses.

Its vast selection is precisely why Net-a-Porter is one of the first places I check out whenever I’m in the process of putting together a new shopping story. The site is like holding a mirror up to fashion’s current luxury landscape of what’s new. And you can always count on seeing something new there.

Since the United Kingdom–based retailer has always been a personal favorite of mine, for the first installment of Insider Shopping Cart, I wanted to go straight to the source. I asked four Net-a-Porter insiders, including Chief Buying and Merchandising Officer Lea Cranfield, Fashion Director Kay Barron, Content Director Alice Casely-Hayford, and Senior Market Editor Libby Page, what they’re currently shopping for right now. And with seasoned shopping pros like these, you know their buys are nothing short of amazing. To see the specific summer finds they have in their carts, keep scrolling below.

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