Shopbop Is Having an Epic Shoe Sale—These Under-$200 Pairs Will Get So Much Wear

Shopbop’s shoe selection is thousands of pairs deep, and a sizable chunk of it is on sale right now—1.3k pairs, to be exact. Shopbop just launched an end-of-summer shoe sale, and prices are marked down by up to a whopping 70%. As of press time, lots of special pairs are still in stock, but who has time to look through over a thousand pairs of shoes? I do. It’s my job.

I’m always in the market for shoes that go with lots of things that are also walkable. Those are the shoes I wear the most, making them most worth the money. I scrolled through the Shopbop shoe sale with this in mind, as well as a price filter for less than $200. The shoes I selected check all of the boxes, including the affordable ones. Scroll to shop my recommendations before they’re gone, which will be soon given these prices.

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