Nope, Bomber Jackets Aren’t Dead—32 New Styles to Prove It

Typically, a fashion trend has a short life span when it goes viral overnight. However, year after year, season after season, there has been one overnight trend in particular that has remained relevant: the bomber jacketThe outerwear became an off-duty-supermodel sensation around 2015. As if they planned it, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid were spotted all over New York and L.A. wearing the trendy piece.

Since then, the style has prevailed on the runways as designers have reworked it every season. No longer just considered an athleisure staple, this jacket’s ability to be seasonless and genderless has cemented it as an essential part of everyday ensemblesAnd now that the trend has fully saturated, bomber jackets are available at every price point. From casual and lightweight to fuzzy and fleece-lined, there are so many bomber jacket styles to choose from. Below, I’ve outlined 32 of the season’s best bomber jackets for every type of personal style at every price point. 

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