I’ve Done My Research, And These French Brands Are The Key to Looking Effortless

It doesn’t take a trip to Paris to know that the French do things differently—especially when it comes to fashion. By this point, it’d be fair to say that the country’s citizens have mastered the art of lowkey sophistication, to the extent French girl style is pretty much synonymous with effortlessness. There’s an understated ease you can’t find as easily in other metropolitan areas; visiting Paris a few years ago myself I developed the urge to grab the nearest breezy white top and wide-leg jeans. But even outside of their famously casual approach, French girls definitely know how to translate that similar relaxed vibe into fancier, party-ready looks.

For years I’ve been taking sartorial notes—via Instagram and through my trips to Paris—and now I’m sharing the secrets. In short it’s as easy as shopping where the French go— including a roster of French brands that have their fingers on the pulse of what’s trending in the country. After scanning through countless photos and window shopping, I’ve discovered the top brands that are key to nailing the sought-after aesthetic. Keep scrolling below to see them all.

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