If You Wear One of These J.Crew Items, Someone Will Give You a Compliment

J.Crew is synonymous with words like classic, elevated, and chic. As a result, our editors (myself included) scour the new collections to uncover those extra-special gems. In reality, with Olympia Gayot at the helm, it’s quite tricky to curate a list of just a few standout pieces, as there are a lot of amazing things. Always. On that note, I took a gander through the new arrivals and noticed a smattering of finds that piqued my interest and that I think you’ll be into as well. 

In fact, if you wear one of the J.Crew items coming your way, someone will give you a compliment. You know, that whole “where did you get that?” situation. My mother actually recently wore a J.Crew blouse with feather accents to a brunch, and I couldn’t believe the comments she got. Perfection. 

Below, you’ll uncover the best J.Crew items to shop right now if you’re looking for something fantastic to mix into your spring and summer wardrobe.

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