I Just Did a Massive Closet Clean-Out—These 7 Things Aren’t Making It Into 2023

With a mere matter of hours to go, the New Year brings a much-needed opportunity for a clean slate in all areas of life but being the style person I am, you can bet that I’m narrowing in on the chance to rid my closet of any dead weight ahead of 2023. I figured it was the perfect time to do a massive closet clean-out and purge some items that now feel outdated to me.

I confronted my bloated closet to determine once and for all what will be entering 2023 with me and I won’t lie, I was ruthless with this particular round of gutting. I’ve tried my hand at countless trends over the past few years and a number of items I was raving about not too long ago—micro bags and shackets to name a few—are on the chopping block this time around. I like to think of this end-of-year purge as a time to lean things out and refocus on what is actually working, so I can build a more long-lasting wardrobe off it. 

With that, continue on to see the results of my 2023 closet clean-out and stay tuned for any future additions in the new year.

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