I Addressed My Biggest Skincare Concern of Texture—Here’s How I’m Saving My Skin

While uneven skin texture can be genetic, especially if you have hereditary acne, eczema, or rosacea that compromises your skin’s natural barrier, there are remedies to smooth the skin. Of course, there is no one universal solution, but there are multiple steps you can take in the right direction.

“If you want to improve skin texture, you must remove the dead skin cells, and there are plenty of efficient ways to do so. Exfoliating is the classic way, but don’t be too harsh in exfoliation,” Peterson says. Emer adds that the skincare products being used are a great place to start reversing the surface. “Skincare products and routines are essential to keeping the skin texture smooth, clear, and radiant. My normal protocol to keep the skin healthy, radiant, and smooth year-round is to have a daily medical-grade regimen with a vitamin c, glycolic cream in the a.m., a double cleanse (foaming and exfoliating), and a growth factor and stem cell product for barrier repair and collagen production/anti-aging as well as spot treatments for acne or brown spots if you have them.” 

Important tip: Remember that the treatment stems directly from the cause of uneven texture. For example, if the cause is dead skin cell buildup, exfoliating is a great place to start. If it’s dryness, a hyaluronic serum would be a smart addition to your routine. 

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