Here’s When to Catch New Episodes of The Wheel of Time Season 2

After first premiering in 2021, Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time is now back for its second season, and it isn’t wasting any time diving into the action. Based on the second and third books in Robert Jordan’s bestselling series, The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn, this chapter finds our gang facing new challenges.

“We see our heroes in all different corners of the world,” Madeleine Madden (Egwene al’Vere) told Amazon. “They’re all struggling with a bit of a crisis of identity and confidence. A theme that is very prevalent in this season is the concept of loneliness and isolation. We see our heroes have to try and grapple with the grief of what they’ve lost at the end of season 1.”

Things were also a bit different filming this time around for star Rosamund Pike, whose Moiraine Damodred is cut off from the One Power in season 2. She told Collider that she and co-star Josha Stradowski (Rand, the Dragon Reborn) “were separate from our main group, when we were together almost every day of season 1.”

She continued, “We saw each other all the time, and in season 2, we had very little idea of what one another was doing. Moiraine felt like she’d lost a limb when there was a parting of ways with Lan. We moved as a duo, we moved as a pair through the whole of season 1, and I got very comfortable with that dynamic, so to have to sort of lose it, that was a big loss for me and Moiraine in the shooting of season 2.”

Here’s how to stay tuned to their adventures as The Wheel of Time season 2 unfolds.

Tor Fantasy The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, Book 2) (Wheel of Time, 2)

The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, Book 2) (Wheel of Time, 2)

Tor Fantasy The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, Book 2) (Wheel of Time, 2)

When do new episodes come out?

The Wheel of Time is available on Prime Video, with new episodes dropping each Friday. The first three landed when season 2 premiered over Labor Day Weekend. Check out the full schedule below.

  • Episode 1, “A Taste of Solitude”: September 1 Watch Now
  • Episode 2, “Strangers and Friends”: September 1 Watch Now
  • Episode 3, “What Might Be”: September 1 Watch Now
  • Episode 4, “Daughters of the Night”: September 8 Watch Now
  • Episode 5: September 15
  • Episode 6: September 22
  • Episode 7: September 29
  • Episode 8: October 6

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