Harry Styles’ Brand Just Launched Makeup Products

Just a few weeks after premiering Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman at film festivals around the world, leading man Harry Styles is back at it again. Somehow, in between promoting his two new movies, performing captivating shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and not spitting on Chris Pine, Styles and his brand Pleasing found time to break new ground: In a new, limited edition collaboration with the Brazilian fashion designer Marco Ribeiro, Pleasing is launching makeup for the first time.

The collection debuted today at Ribeiro’s Spring 2023 presentation during Paris Fashion Week. This marks Pleasing‘s first collaboration, but it’s not Styles and Ribeiro’s first time working together. You may have spotted Ribeiro’s designs on the Harry’s House album cover, where Styles wore a pair his patchwork pants.

pleasing x marco ribeiro


Alongside five new biodegradable nail polishes and nail decals, this collaboration also launched color cosmetics. The Pressed Powder Pigments contains eight colors, arranged in a palette of geometrically shaped powders that can be used as traditional eyeshadows. With a mix of hues, from the perfect fall mauve to a moody purple, these powders are intensely pigmented. The collection also includes the Universal Cream Pigments, three cream colors that are similarly multi-use, acting as either blushes or cream eyeshadows. Finally, there’s a Gloss Medium too, a clear liquid that can be used either alone to add a glossy finish, or as a mixing medium to thin out or liquify the other color cosmetics.

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If the Don’t Worry Darling Effect is accurate, this collaboration will be a smash success. As of today, you can shop the entire collaboration on Pleasing.com. There’s no information yet on how long the products will be available–they’re limited edition, after all–so stock up ASAP if you want to get your hands on them.

Tatjana Freund is a Beauty Commerce Writer, covering makeup, skincare, and haircare products and trends. She’s a fan of vodka tonics and creepy Wikipedia pages. 

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