Ariana Greenblatt Talks Barbie, Writing a Horror Film, and Starring in Coachtopia’s New Campaign

Coming off of a groundbreaking and much-discussed awards season (her first-ever) for Barbie, Ariana Greenblatt is now the face of Coachtopia’s latest campaign. It celebrates the brand’s new arrivals: an array of lightweight bags in fun spring colors and prints, including the popular Loop collection. Greenblatt, known for her edgier style, takes on an “alter ego” and makes the bags her own in a heavenly, pastel world where grunge meets girly.

Coachtopia, which is Coach’s sustainably-minded sub-brand more popular among the Gen Z crowd, uses recycled materials to create a circular business model and promote a greener way of shopping. That’s one reason why Greenblatt chose to be the face of the campaign. She prefers vintage shopping and upcycling hand-me-down pieces from her brother over participating in the fast-fashion phenomenon, so Coachtopia was a natural fit. got to speak with Greenblatt about why this was more than just another campaign for her, and what it was like to work with the star-studded casts of Barbie and Borderlands. (The latter includes Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kevin Hart, and is set to premiere this summer.) Greenblatt even gave us a tiny scoop on her next project: a horror movie she’s writing and producing with Borderlands director Eli Roth. But we won’t give away too much up front.

Below, see the campaign and learn all the juicy details from Greenblatt herself.

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What was it like shooting this latest campaign for Coachtopia? It’s mostly bright and girly which is not exactly your style. How were you able to mesh the two?

It was so fun, the environment and the entire shoot. We had the best songs playing and everyone was really happy and excited to be there. It was definitely an alter ego so I just entered a different version of myself. The wig was so fun. Ricky, who did the wig, just killed it and it was fun to have pink hair for a day.

Would you ever dye your hair pink or a different color?

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair since forever, so any chance I get to change my hair or put a wig on, I’m there for it. If it’s for the right role, I would 100 percent dye my hair or cut my hair. I’m down to do whatever, especially with my hair. I love changing it.

What do you love about the latest pieces? Any favorites? What are you most excited to style them with?

I’m literally wearing the Coachtopia hoodie right now because I went on a walk this morning and it was cold. It’s obviously my favorite because it’s the coziest. I also love the denim-on-denim set. I feel like denim-on-denim is coming back, maybe? I have a feeling. The little bags are adorable and they’re just like a little cute accessory to dress up an outfit or just have a chill vibe. They’re fun to play with.

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How important is sustainability to you when choosing brands to partner with, and clothes or accessories to shop for?

It’s so important and it’s not talked about that much. Not every brand is sustainable or they don’t do the work to better the environment which is unfortunate, but the brands that do focus on that, I have extreme respect for and that was the main driving point of what intrigued me with this campaign and what Coachtopia is doing. In my personal life, I love thrifting and vintage clothes. I have an older brother so all the hand-me-downs of his came to me. I wear my dad’s stuff all the time. I don’t like shopping in general so I’m not supporting all these fast-fashion brands, but I keep that in my head to try to be conscious and do everything I can as an individual to be sustainable and wear clothes that have already been made or made with fabrics that have already been used and recycled. It should be more important to more people.

You attended the Coach show during NYFW back in early February. Any favorite memories from the show? How was hanging out with Storm Reid?

It was great. I’ve known Storm for years, actually, so every time I get to see her is so delightful. The show and the pieces were incredible. I got to see my friend Cami Mendes as well. Running into people and seeing familiar faces is always so fun. The venue was gorgeous.

Speaking of seeing familiar faces, how has your recent awards season been with Barbie? How happy are you that America Ferrera got an Oscar nomination?

I couldn’t be more happy. She is so deserving of everything she has gotten, especially this nomination. I just I can’t help but to call her “Oscar-nominated-America.” She is so hard working. She’s so inspiring. I’m just excited to see her Oscar look in general. This was my first award season of my career in my life. I feel so extremely lucky to have been been with Barbie and that cast. It was a dream and it all went by so fast but it’s also felt like three years. So I can’t imagine how like Margot feels. She’s literally a god. Coming up with all the looks and the different vibes I want to go with for each carpet has been the highlight for me and seeing all the familiar faces. It was so chaotic. But I feel really, really lucky to have had my first awards season be celebrating that movie.

ariana greenblatt coachtopia


Let’s talk about your upcoming project Borderlands. What was it like being on set with icons like Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Hart? What are you most excited for audiences to see?

I’m most excited for audiences to see the chaotic, fun mess that the movie is. I mean, it truly is. I had so much fun watching it. I felt like I wanted to be in the squad, even though I am in the squad. The music is fun, and the colors, and costumes. Even for the audiences who maybe have not been a fan of the game or know about the game, I think it’ll be fun for them as well. I’m excited to see every reaction. It’s definitely scary, especially entering a world where there’s already a fandom that exists, because obviously it’s a video game. So in the back of my mind, I want to do the fans right. But again, I just want to have everyone enjoy it.

Everyone on that cast was incredible. I remember the day we did reshoots for the movie, it was the morning that Cate and Jamie got their Oscar nominations. I sent them a video of me like brushing my hair about to go to set saying, “I’m so happy for you, so excited.” We got them a cake and had like a nice little speech for them and then got right back to work. They are some of the most incredible women in the industry. They’re legends, they’ve been doing it forever. For me to spend as much time as I did with them and to get to know them the way I did was something I’ll never forget.

And Kevin, it’s so funny talking about him because I got so close with his kids while filming and now they’re my best friends. So I go over to his house and he gives me shit for everything. He’s like the fun uncle, Kevin Hart. He’s incredible. He makes people laugh every single day and that’s just what you need on set. It lightens the mood. He’s always been there to give me advice and I always have questions for him and he has really great answers for me. Another really great person that I’m honored and lucky to know.

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I’m so glad you brought up advice. Is there one thing that any of them told you or a moment that you will remember forever?

We were filming something and I was standing next to Jamie. We were either running out of time or we were behind on something. The mood was definitely heightened and she just pulled me aside she was like, “Always be the first one on your mark.” Be there, be ready. When they test the camera for lighting, they have a stand-in to match the color, so you could be on a break or whatever. But whenever they would call camera testing for lighting, Jamie would always go in and she would always stand on her mark. She would be the one there for the camera. She didn’t even have to tell me. I just saw her do it one time and I would do it every single time after that. The little stuff like that goes a long way for me, especially while I’m still learning. I was 13 when we started, so being around her and seeing her professionalism was incredible. With Kevin, any advice you need with business or any advice you need with investing? He’s got you. Finance questions go to Kevin.

Are there any other projects you have in the works that you can share?

None that I can share a lot about, but Eli, the director of Borderlands spilled our secret that we are writing a movie together. I’ve always wanted to write and produce, which is what I will be doing for this one. Working with him was like working with a best friend everyday on set. We get each other in a stupid way. We got an idea and we’ve come up with so many more. I’ve just been writing away every single day. So I don’t want to say anything but if any of you have been interested in seeing me in a horror movie, your wish is my command.

The latest Coachtopia collection is now available in Coach stores and online at

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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