A Celeb Stylist Told Me the 4 Underwear Brands Celebrities Buy in Bulk

It’s no secret that a lot of things get gifted or loaned to celebrities, from red carpet dresses to jewelry. But that’s exactly why I find it interesting to find out what celebs are actually willing to spend their own money on. To get that intel, I went straight to one of the best sources: Hollywood stylist Tiffany Briseno.

If you remember, I previously did a story with Breseno about celeb-favorite denim brands, but this time around it’s about a more intimate item: underwear. I asked Briseno which underwear brands celebrities buy in bulk, hoping to tap into her years of behind-the-scenes experience dressing A-listers for a range of different events. Scroll down to find out which brands she named and shop the labels for yourself. 

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