69 Items of Summer: The Extensive Wardrobe Checklist You Didn’t Know You Needed

Curating a versatile, well-rounded wardrobe is no easy feat. It might seem simple, but between basics, statement pieces, and those in-between items that bring everything together, there’s a lot to take into account before entering a single credit-card digit. Plus, apart from those core year-round pieces, it’s essential to consider how styles change every season and every year, meaning that one always has to stay on their toes, prepped and ready to add or remove garments, shoes, and accessories at any given moment. 

If only there was a checklist like the one we all got on the first day of school that listed off every notebook, marker, and folder that was paramount to our success in the 180 days ahead, but instead of school supplies, it would name wardrobe items for each of the four seasons. That way, no one would ever get caught up unexpectedly mid-season and have to scramble to find a core piece of their wardrobe after every option has already sold out. 

That was my train of thought at least, which is why I went ahead and made one myself—starting with summer, of course. This list will allow you to easily and in a very organized manner (can you tell I’m extremely type A?) check off this season’s most necessary garments, shoes, and accessories one by one until your warm-weather wardrobe is complete. From every variation of ballet flats to the perfect white denim, scroll through the ultimate summer checklist below. 

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